Monday, December 13, 2010

Final Blog Reflection

The most helpful technology I have learned throughout the course of the semester has been iMovie. I really enjoyed accumulating dance clips and compiling them into one dance commercial. It was a really beneficial skill for me to learn that I will definitely use in several aspects of my life, but especially in my future teaching career. Technology is becoming a very prevalent part of the dance world and through the skills i have learned in this course, I will be better equipped to teach my students how to take part in it. I can teach them how to use iMovie and give them projects that require them to not only choreograph and perform, but assemble it into a movie as well. This will be useful for them when making audition videos, advertising commercials, and in completing creative projects. Technology is rapidly advancing in our world, and we as teachers need to do the best we can to keep up with it for it will enhance our teaching abilities and better prepare our students for the world in which they live.

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