Monday, December 13, 2010

Final Blog Reflection

The most helpful technology I have learned throughout the course of the semester has been iMovie. I really enjoyed accumulating dance clips and compiling them into one dance commercial. It was a really beneficial skill for me to learn that I will definitely use in several aspects of my life, but especially in my future teaching career. Technology is becoming a very prevalent part of the dance world and through the skills i have learned in this course, I will be better equipped to teach my students how to take part in it. I can teach them how to use iMovie and give them projects that require them to not only choreograph and perform, but assemble it into a movie as well. This will be useful for them when making audition videos, advertising commercials, and in completing creative projects. Technology is rapidly advancing in our world, and we as teachers need to do the best we can to keep up with it for it will enhance our teaching abilities and better prepare our students for the world in which they live.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Moodle is somewhat like a free Blackboard for you to manage all of your class assignments, grading, announcements etc. It's easy to use and is a very practical technology to consider when setting up your classroom.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I would like to learn how to splice music, because I think more than anything I will use this skill constantly in my future career. I would like to find and learn how to use a simple program that will allow me to do this, preferably a free or inexpensive one that I can download onto my computer so I'll have access to it in the future. However, if I cannot find such a program, I hear that “Logic” is a good program that is available for me to use on campus so I'll plan on using “Logic.”

Monday, November 15, 2010

Internet Safety

I looked around the NSTeens website and watched the videos that they have. I liked how they have videos that are more appealing to teens so they can learn online about the consequences of posting things online. They talk about what is appropriate to post online and the dangers of posting inappropriate things. Also NetSmartz Teens allows you to connect to several different links that help you teach internet safety to kids and help you as a teacher and parents become more aware of these current issues. They provide activities such as Amy's Choice to provide teachers with potential lesson plans to teach internet safety.
OnGuardOnline helps inform people how to protect their identity online and deals with issues such as texting and cyber bullying. Since online has become such a large part of our lives, it is important that we are aware of such dangers and teach our children how to be safe while online.

After my research, I called my sister Hayley to talk to her about internet safety and what I had learned. She is soon to be a mother and so I thought it important that she thinks about how she will protect her daughter against technology early on. When I shared what I had learn with her, she knew a lot of it but found had never thought about the fact that with some one's birthday and name, a person can look up one's Social Security Number. But she's very careful about not posting personal information such as phone numbers and addresses. She also is careful that she doesn't change her personality online, because she recognizes that it's easy to act differently while online. She likes to make sure she presents herself on how she'd want her grandmother or boss to veiw her. She seems to be smart about how she uses technology in her life, and so I asked her what her plan is for teaching her child how to be safe online. She thinks it's smart to just inform them of dangers of the dangers of posting personal information online, explaining to them the logic of it without scaring them. For example, you wouldn't give your phone number to a stranger on the street, so don't post it online where anyone can see it. Once you've taught them these good principles of safety it's important that you also monitor your child when online.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Teach with Technology

Check out this website! It gives some good tips on how we can teach with technology. It looks like they even offer workshops and classroom management skills and much more!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dancing Disney Family Gal

CHRISTMAS- I love celebrating Christmas with all the lights, the snow, the cookies, the carols, and the magic. But it is not solely my love of this holiday that makes “Christmas” a part of my identity. Christmas also symbolizes that I am a Christian, which has become an immense part of my identity and marks why I do everything I do. Christmas also is symbolic of a time for family and tradition. My family has greatly influenced who I am and who I will become. The loving examples of my parents and my five sisters have molded me and made me a better person. Together, my family and my faith are the two greatest influences in my life and what I accredit that largest part of my identity to.

DANCE- dance is not only my favorite hobby, it is now my educational pursuit and my passion. Some of the greatest accomplishments and growing experiences of my life have been through my dance training. It has enabled me to travel, provided rewarding career opportunities, and has taught me many valuable life lessons such as diligence, perseverance, team work, finding joy in the journey, and optimism. Dance has truly shaped me into the hard worker I am today and has had a great influence on my identity. It is a beautiful art form of expression and release that I could not live without.

DISNEY- It could be because I worked there this past summer, or because I know every word to all the animated classics, or that I'm considered to be an absolute Disney nut, but it is so much more than some little quirk of mine. It symbolizes my love of simplicity and child-like love of life. I love to stop and enjoy the small joys in life. The simple things like toes in the sand, the texture of ice cream, leaving notes for friends, and looking at the sparkle of a light up Christmas tree are often what bring me the greatest joy. I think it is an absolute tragedy when people decide they are too old, too busy, or too mature to snitch cookie dough from the bowl, or to giggle, or to do a silly dance in the rain. Life is to be enjoyed and if we don't take the time to enjoy the simple little wonders in our world, we will miss them completely. This is who I am, my personality, and my identity.

You will notice that these three items that seem to represent my identity are somewhat connected. That is because they are! They, along with several other aspects, all play a role in my life and they work together to make up who I am.

Monday, October 25, 2010


This week has been full of discovery. This time, in video, cinematography, splicing, music, storyboards. imovie come automatically with any mac computer and is such a resourceful tool that can be used in the classroom. It is straightforward and easy to use, so in dance I will be able to video and edit my students performances, create DVDs of shows, or even produce commercials or advertisements. It will also be useful to teach my students how to use it as a tool for producing good audition videos that will be more professional, but also simple to complete.

Check it out!!